KWoC ’20 | Kharagpur Winter Of Code Project Report

About KWoC

Project Selection

List of projects I worked on:

Project 1: Elixir

Mentor: Santam Roy Choudhury

Project 2: ds-algo-solutions

Mentor: Aditya Bisoi

Project 3: web-development-Resource

Mentor: Suraj Bokde

Project — Elixir

The objective of the project was to develop a chat application on React Native and Expo.

Screens for the Elixir app

Project — ds-algo-solutions

The objective of the project was to solve problems from Hackerrank in C++, Python and Java. I found the project enthralling and decided to work on it, which enhanced my understanding of Data Structures further.

Project — web-development-Resource

This project’s objective was to contribute to the different technical resources by sharing the learning material from different sources (example — Youtube, Udemy, docs, etcetera) so that other interested developers would gain more comprehensive insight on different domains of Web and Mobile technology.

Final thoughts

I uncovered a lot from the program and got much insight into the open-source culture. I thank all the mentors for guiding me throughout the program and enjoying working on real-world projects. Kudos to the Kharagpur Open Source Society team for organizing this excellent program!



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