KWoC ’20 | Kharagpur Winter Of Code Project Report

Shreya Dhir
2 min readJan 9, 2021

About KWoC

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development. The program helps students get involved in open source and prepares them for many open-source summer programs; Google Summer of Code is one of them.

Project Selection

List of projects I worked on:

Project 1: Elixir

Mentor: Santam Roy Choudhury

Project 2: ds-algo-solutions

Mentor: Aditya Bisoi

Project 3: web-development-Resource

Mentor: Suraj Bokde

Project — Elixir

The objective of the project was to develop a chat application on React Native and Expo.

First Pull Request — Merged

I came across the issue: Create a Sign up system with mobile number #2. I created a Login screen that accepts the user’s mobile number to complete user authentication.

I established navigation for the app for smooth performance in the same pull request and designed the general Login UI, referring to the UI given in the issue.

While working on the project, a problem arrived when I accidentally pushed the package-json.lock but later deleted in the subsequent commits — Delete package-lock.json.

Screens for the Elixir app

Project — ds-algo-solutions

The objective of the project was to solve problems from Hackerrank in C++, Python and Java. I found the project enthralling and decided to work on it, which enhanced my understanding of Data Structures further.

First Pull Request-Merged

I worked on issue #359 and solved the problem in C++ (Pull Request link — PR#360). I also followed the issue template provided by the mentor.

Project — web-development-Resource

This project’s objective was to contribute to the different technical resources by sharing the learning material from different sources (example — Youtube, Udemy, docs, etcetera) so that other interested developers would gain more comprehensive insight on different domains of Web and Mobile technology.

First Pull Request-Merged

I worked on issue #3 and added the practical resources that were required. (Pull Request link — PR#66)

Final thoughts

I uncovered a lot from the program and got much insight into the open-source culture. I thank all the mentors for guiding me throughout the program and enjoying working on real-world projects. Kudos to the Kharagpur Open Source Society team for organizing this excellent program!

Cheers, Shreya.